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Thomas Jefferson

High School

Richmond, Virginia

Then - 1965

Alma Mater
To the high ideals that thou has called us
We pledge allegiance strong and true;
And own a love that e'er will deepen,
Thomas Jefferson, for you;
And as we look into the future,
Whate'er our destinies may be,
O. Alma Mater, we will cherish
Fond memories of thee.
We love thy teachings and traditions,
The things no books can ever give;
For thou hast shown a deeper meaning,
Thou has taught us how to live;
And we are glad to be thy children,
To toast the future worth and fame,
So sing we now to Thomas Jefferson
God's blessing on her name.

Jeffersonians, Jeffersonians,
Fight to win this game!
We'er behind you, cheering for you,
Glory to our name!
Rah! Rah! Rah!
On to victory, Jeffersonians
Strive to do your best!
We'll win for Red and White,
So Fight! Fight! Fight!




Now - 2006


NOW 2014

Old wooden marquee being removed August 5, 2014:


New metal marquee in place August 5, 2014:


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