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Special Music Feature

To listen to some of the tunes from our years at TJ, click here or scroll down to July 21, 2005 and click on any of the  play buttons.


November 15, 2005

Thoughts From A Disc Jockey

The event is over and the equipment is back in my house waiting for my next party to play.  I wanted to take a few minutes to look back over the weekend, so I shall be serious for a few minutes (so time me).  I want to thank all of you at the party who made it such a great event.  I had a feeling it was going well when we went over by 1 hour and 45 minutes.  It was so gratifying to see so many people on the dance floor dancing to songs I donít get to play often.  I fed off of your energy that night, but I could not have done it as well as I did if I hadnít had help.  I want to thank Jerry Huddleston, my friend and fellow DJ, who helped me set up starting at 9:30 in the morning before he went to a wedding and played there and then came back to help me.  He went beyond the call of duty.  Because of Jerry, I had an opportunity to get out and interact with others.  I also would like to thank Dick Powers, the videographer, for suggesting the line dance (The Stroll), which was fantastic, and Russell Flammia who requested the YMCA, which I was reluctent to play at first.  Hats off to those who had the guts to get out there in front of ďallĒ and be TJís "Village People."  Also, ďa job well doneĒ goes to Larry Creeger for putting the CDs together.  Several people thanked me for putting the CDs together and I want to set the record straight - Larry Creeger was the one who took the time and energy to put the CDs together for you; so, heís the one you need to thank.

I was able to play most of the requests and dedications, but I donít think many of you heard them.  So, we have posted them below on this web page.  If your request or dedication was not played, please remember that for every one song I played, there were ten I wanted to play and didnít have time - thatís why I wanted the party to last until Wednesday, but I was voted down!

So, to conclude, all those who partied like it was ď1999,Ē give yourself a round of applause (insert applause here).  I couldnít have done it without you and I hope some songs brought back memories for you, as they did for me (now you know why I enjoy doing this so much).  I hope you found a laugh or two from whatever jokes you heard.  I want to end with this request: ďGo to a comedy club several times a year and go out dancing, too and I guarantee we all will meet again for the hundredth reunion

                                                                                                            Larry Bernstein

                                                                                                            Disc Jockey Services




John Schwartz for Gail Schwartz My Girl - Temptations
Ed Katz for Sheryl Goldberg Katz My Girl - Temptations
Judy Reed in memory of Henry Ragle Can't Help Falling In Love With You - Elvis Presely
Dee Thomas for Mitchell I Can't Stop Loving You - Ray Charles
Butch Blanton for Gloria Blanton I Can't Help Myself - 4-Tops
Retta Zimmerman For My Love And Best Friend I Can't Help Myself - 4-Tops
Kathy Mapp For Pat Rice I Can't Help Myself - 4-Tops
Steve Green for Pam Green Dedicated To The One I Love - Shirelles
Myra (Bunny) Daleng for Sue Kesseler Dedicated To The One I Love - Shirelles
Joe Siegel for Anne L. The Night Before - Beatles
Angie Caudle To Bob Caudle 3 Little Birds - Bob Marley
Stanley Katz To all my friends Whiter Shade Of Pale - Proco Harem
Bill Moorefield for Annie Georgia On My Mind - Ray Charles
Mark Barth For J J Schwartz Be True To Your School - Beach Boy
Ned Hood For Sandy Misty - Johnny Mathis
Pat Sturman for Number 48 on the Football Team Stop In the Name Of Love - Supremes
Sally Talmedge for Jimmy Straton Norman - Sue Thompson
Janie Husk For Larry Bernstein Bristol Stomp - Dovells
Kathy Mapp for Fran Sheffield There's A Place For Us - West Side St
Beverly Montsinger Baby 1 Need Your Lovin - 4 Tops
Bob Blinn for Retta Zimmerman Do You Want to Know a Secret

Additional Songs

Midnight Hour - Wilson Picket Lynn Bare
Be True To Your School - Beach Boys Bill Clark
He's A Rebel Bill Clark
Way You Look Tonight-Letterman Cheryl Sporn
Just The Way You Are - Bobby Vinton Cheryl Sporn
Harlem Nocturne - Viscount R, Grubbs
Don't Make Me Over - Dionne Warwick George Scott
Hey Baby Marvine Meeks Michael
Ebb Tide Nancy Klary
Under The Boardwalk Nancy Klary


"Submit Form" button for dedication and song selections is located at the bottom of this page.

Music of Our Class: 1961-1965

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October 15, 2005

After Final

I know I said the last article I did was going to be the last, but like the Stones who keep having their Farewell Tour, I too shall have my final piece here until the next one.  I just remembered you might like to see the results of the survey and see how the songs came in:

The Top Ten of TJ Class Of 1965 - Many were tied so they share the spot with other songs.

  1. Runaround Sue; My Girl
  2. Will You Love Me Tomorrow; The Wanderer; Dedicated To The One I Love
  3. Only Love Can Break A Heart; You Lost That Loving Feeling;
  4. Heís So Fine; Canít Help Falling In Love; Louie Louie; Satisfaction; Stop In The Name Of Love
  5. Runaway; Lion Sleeps Tonight; Big Girls Donít Cry; Hey Baby; Blowin In The Wind
  6. Cryin; I Canít Stop Lovin You; Duke Of Earl; Palisades Park, Sealed With A Kiss; Itís My Party; Oh, Pretty Woman; Turn, Turn, Turn; Mr. Tamborine; Letís Hang On
  7. Tossin And Turnin; Bristol Stomp; Sherry; Twist; Heís A Rebel; Locomotion; Blue Velvet; Be My Baby; Canít By Me Love; I Want To Hold Your Hand; My Guy; Wooly Bully; Do You Want To Know A Secret; Dancin In The Street
  8. Breakin
  9. Up Is Hard To Do; Go Away Little Girl; A Hard Dayís Night; Come See About Me; House Of The Rising Sun; Yesterday; I Hear A Symphony; like A Rolling Stone;
  10. Quarter To Three; Blue Moon; Take Good Care Of My Baby; Please Mr. Postman; Roes Are Red; Peppermint Twist; Shelia; You Donít Know Me; Do You Love Me; Night Has A Thousand Eyes; She Loves You; Baby Love; Where Did I Love Go; Twist And Shout; Love Me Do; I Got You Babe; I got You(I Feel Good)

 Well there it is. Thanks to all that got into the spirit of this and voted, I certainly appreciated the effort on your part.  I am so looking forward to playing for all of you on the 29th.  Iíve got my Brylcreem, Clearasil, Ban Roll-On(extra-strength), and my Canoe or English Leather and I moved my showering schedule back to the end of the month from the first.  Iím going to be SMOKIN!

                                                                                    See Ya At The Big Hullabaloo

                                                                                    Larry B.

September 9, 2005

Our Next and Last Music Installment and Other Stuff

Before I get into the fun part of the page, I would like to take a minute (time me now) to address something in the forty65 that someone wrote about: being single and coming to the weekend and/or party.  I truly hope that will not hold people back from coming.  As someone who is single, it didnít occur to me that some classmates may feel awkward.  Even though Iím working the dance, I still want to see those who I remember from school.  As far as dancing goes, I hope that those unattached men will ask those unattached ladies to get out on the floor and dance.  And you ladies certainly donít have to stand on ceremony.  You can ask the guys to dance.  After all, this is 2005.  Even though I will be playing music, I want to get out and cut a rug; so, I would be honored by anyone who would want to dance with me.  I will be using my dance card from the senior prom, which I have saved all these many years and have quite a few openings left on it. Why, hell, itís down right empty.  Why, Iím so excited about the dance Saturday night that I break out just thinking about it.  So, throw your trepidations (big word for me) out the window and come and have a good time.  Now on to all the news thatís fit to print because they wonít let me print the other stuff.

The requests just keep coming in Ė many, many thanks.  I know I said I was going to cut the dedications off a couple of weeks ago, but feedback said to keep it open.  So, Iím going to hold them open Ďtil September 15th.  Remember, your request do not have to be limited to 1961- 65.  Youíre going to hear music from all decades and the quizzes are coming from all over the last 40 years.  Unless you didnít watch TV, see a movie, or listen to music, you might not want to sign up for games weíll be doingÖ or, maybe you will.

Have you ever wondered about those FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that you see on websites (sorry to sound like Andy Rooney)?  Who asks these questions?  I have never met one person who ever said ďyou know Iím number 3 question on the Microsoft FAQ page and Iím thinking of sending in one of those questions to E-Bay.Ē  So, not to be out done, Iím going to have my own FAQ section.  It will be IAQ (Infrequently Ask Questions).  Letís start with the 1st question never asked by any one.

1.      Will you be playing loud music at the dance?

Answer:  WHAT?Ö.

      Will you be playing loud music at the dance?

Answer:  WHATÖWait a minute, let me turn the music down while I answer your questionÖÖÖÖÖÖ.There!

Answer:  No


2.      Will you be playing that new crazy music with the titles I canít pronounce that the kids listen to on the radio and MTV?  Signed O.D. Farth

 Answer:  No, we wonít be playing those songs with those strange titles you canít pronounce and crazy lyrics.  We  will be playing the great songs like :Wooly Bully, Alley Oop, Sh-Boom, Ooby Dooby, Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow, Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu, Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Itís Flavor On The Bedpost Over Night, Disco Duck and the great ballard and tearjerker of all time-Yummy Yummy Yummy.


3.  Iím from out-of-town, do you have directions to the party? Signed I.M. Fromoutoftown

Answer:  Head towards Motown down I-95, about a mile past there make a left at Funkytown and continue Ďtil you get to Boogie Wonder-Land and youíre there. I donít think youíre going to get those directions at AAA. 


4.  Will you be playing Bubblegum music? Signed Ichew Daily.

Answer: As you know, Ichew, no gum is allowed in class or at the dance.


5.  What kind of dances should we know for the dance?  Signed: G. Kelly

            Answer:  Mr. Kelly, letís see  bop, jitterbug, Fox trot, cha-cha, stroll, twist, pony, hully-gully, frug, wautusi, fly, swim, mash potatoes, shag, Texas two-step, monkey, bus stop, hustle, electric slide, train, Macarena, achy breaky, jerk, hitch hike and the limbo, nope I think Iíll leave that one out. I donít think we have insurance to cover that one.


6.      I have read your two pieces here on the website and I just want to know if youíre nuts?  Signed: I. M. Sain.

Answer:  Well, Mr. Sain, sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I donít, but if you really want to know, sign up for the weekend and come to the dance Saturday Night. And donít forget to try the veal. Thank you and Goodnight ladies and gentlemen.


This will be my last update on the music page, Ďcause this thing takes a lot of time.  Iíve been working on this bit for over a month and, if you think this is bad, you should have seen it at the beginning of the month!  See ya later Daddy-Oís.

Larry Bernstein

July 21, 2005

Hereís an update on the Music and Pop culture web page.

Our Survey is yielding good results. Here are the songs getting the most votes.  


               Want to refresh your memory?

                 Click "play" buttons below

 1.  Runaround Sue and The Wanderer by Dion and The Belmonts
 2.  My Girl By The Temptations
 3.  Only Love Can Break A Heart By Gene Pitney
 4.  Louie, Louie by The Kingsman-. The Question is which verses do we sing?
 5.  Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by The Shirrells
 6.  Youíve Lost That Loving Feeling by The Righteous Brothers
 7.  Blowing In The Wind by Peter, Paul And Mary
 8.  Itís My Party by Lesley Gore (and Iíll cry if I wanna!)


  There have been requested songs that are not on the list such as:

1.      I Love You The Way You Are by Bobby Vinton requested by Cheryl S.

2.      The Night Before by The Beatles requested by J. Segal.

3.      A Whiter Shade Of Pale by Proco Harum requested By Stanley K.

4.      In The Midnight Hour by Wilson Pickett requested by Lynn B.

There are plenty of dedications from B.Clark, J. Schwartz, A. Brock, B. Moorefield, D. Thomas and many many more. Öbut send them in earlyÖ

Donít wait,  send in your favorite songs whether on the list or not to

For the music and pop trivia contests, volunteers are needed - if you think you know your rock Ďní roll, TV shows, movies and pop culture history.   E-mail your name and phone number to  Start with these;

1.      Who Is Ron Popeill?

2.      Which Reeves played Superman on The TV Show of The 50ís?

Steve, George or Keanu

3.      Which of the 3 major channels had American Bandstand?

4.      Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost over night?

5.      Who put the bomp in the bomp, bomp ,bomp,bomp?

6.      Are they really trying to take me away Ha-Haaa?

7.      Was Ken Osmond really killed in Viet Nam

8.      If you rub a bottle 3 times, will a genie come out and can you still get your deposit back?

9.      If 3 out of 4 dentist agrees, what is the matter with that damn 4th one? Whatís his problem?

10.  Does the ďBook Of LoveĒ come in paperback?

11.  If it is your party, why are you crying at it?

12.  And the big question, If Sue is running around, then how come I canít get anywhere with her?

If you can answer all these questions correctly, you need Help Ö. But you might win a great prize Saturday night at the gala party, so get in the party mood and sign up for some hilarious fun with our contests.

Next update will come in the middle of August and will feature the most infrequently asked questions and  dedications, survey, and pop trivia.

Later all you groovy Kats!

Larry Bernstein

March 15, 2005

Our generation was lucky to experience the birth of so many different forms of music. We were born at the end of the swing and big band era and at the birth of Rock 'n' Roll with Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chubby Checker, American Bandstand, Richmond's own Teen Dance Party on channel 12, and Teen Tempo on Channel 6.

We lived through the rise of the British Invasion, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Billy J. Kramer, Dave Clark 5, and so many others. America responded with artists and beach music like the Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, and Tommy James and the Shondells.

When we left TJ and went off to college and the war in Vietnam, we saw the rise of folk music, the rise of hootenannies and authority challenges led by Bob Dylan, The Byrds, Jefferson Airplane, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and the legendary Grateful Dead. With the growth of music concerts, we saw Monterey Pop, Woodstock, and the death knell of concerts, the Stones at Altamont.

And, during all this time, R'n'B/soul music continued its rise with Little Richard, Jackie Wilson, Isley Brothers, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, Martha Reeves, and the Vandellas, The Temptations, Four Tops, and other Motown Stars.

Richmond had its own music scene with the Escorts, Panics, Johnny Houston and the Charmers, and the Barracudas. How many remember the Hullabaloo Club on W. Marshall? TJ had its bands as well, the Morticians & the Sound by Four.

The DJ for our 40th reunion evening will be jogging our memories of sock hops, the twist, the stroll and of course slow dancing, as well as dedications of songs to our friends and "steadies." Our DJ has a stake in this special event - because, he's a member of our class.

Your homework assignment is to:

1. Study your pop culture and music from the 60's for the crazy contests we'll be having.

2. Review the list of top hits from the Billboard's lists below and submit your special request(s) for songs and dedications.

3. Practice now and plan to dance your feet off and "have fun, fun, fun, till your daddy takes your T-bird away."

4. After the dance, think about going to the Clover Room (if only it were still there) for that sundae or frosty or to Dogwood Dell for whatever reason you used to go there!


We changed web servers on 6/14/05 and the following described problems may no longer be an issue:  Some classmates have reported problems submitting this form through the use of the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.  The problems appear to be limited to those not having a mail program configured on their PC and/or are using AOL or other web-based email program.  If you do not receive a confirmation page after clicking on "Submit," a workaround solution is to fill in the form and then copy and paste it into the body of a new email document you have addressed to us:  

"Submit Form" button is located at the bottom of this form.

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[FrontPage Save Results Component]

1.  Tell us who submitted this request:


2.  If you would like to dedicate a song from the 60's, from the list below, or from another time period, please provide:

Song's Title
To Whom Dedicated

3.  Vote for your favorite songs - select up to twenty (20) of the following songs by clicking on the box next to the song's title:





Tossiní And Turniní Bobby Lewis 1 1961 1
Big Bad John Jimmy Dean 2 1961 2
Runaway Del Shannon 3 1961 3
Wonderland By Night Bert Kaempfert 4 1961 4
Pony Time Chubby Checker 5 1961 5
The Lion Sleeps Tonight The Tokens 6 1961 6
Blue Moon The Marcels 7 1961 7
Take Good Care Of My Baby Bobby Vee 8 1961 8
Calcutta Lawrence Welk 9 1961 9
Runaround Sue Dion 10 1961 10
Michael The Highwaymen 11 1961 11
Traveliní Man Ricky Nelson 12 1961 12
Quarter To Three U.S. Bonds 13 1961 13
Hit The Road Jack Ray Charles 14 1961 14
Surrender Elvis Presley 15 1961 15
Will You Love Me Tomorrow The Shirelles 16 1961 16
Mother-in-Law Ernie K-Doe 17 1961 17
Please Mr. Postman The Marvelettes 18 1961 18
Wooden Heart Joe Dowell 19 1961 19
Moody River Pat Boone 20 1961 20
Running Scared Roy Orbison 21 1961 21
The Boll Weevil Song Brook Benton 22 1961 22
I Like It Like That, Part 1 Chris Kenner 23 1961 23
Bristol Stomp The Dovells 24 1961 24
Apache Jorgen lngmannr 25 1961 25
The Mountainís High Dick & DeeDee 26 1961 26
Exodus Ferrante & Teicher 27 1961 27
Raindrops Dee Clark 28 1961 28
Shop Around The Miracles 29 1961 29
Run To Him Bobby Vee 30 1961 30
Crying Roy Orbison 31 1961 31
Daddyís Home Shep & The Limelites 32 1961 32
Dedicated To The One I Love The Shirelles 33 1961 33
A Hundred Pounds Of Clay Gene McDantels 34 1961 34
Goodbye Cruel World James Darren 35 1961 35
Wheels The String-A-Longs 36 1961 36
Last Night Mar-Keys 37 1961 37
Fool #1 Brenda Lee 38 1961 38
My True Story The Jive Five 39 1961 39
Donít Worry Marty Robbins 40 1961 40
I Canít Stop Loving You Ray Charles 1 1962 41
Big Girls Donít Cry The 4 Senuons 2 1962 42
Sherry The 4 Seasons 3 1962 43
Roses Are Red (My Love) Bobby Vinton 4 1962 44
Peppermint Twist Part I Joey Dee & the Starliters 5 1962 45
Telstar The Tornadoes 6 1962 46
Soldier Boy The Shirelles 7 1962 47
Hey! Baby Bruce Channel 8 1962 48
Duke Of Earl Gene Chandler 9 1962 49
The Twist Chubby Checker - re-entry of 1960 hit (POS 1) 10 1962 50
Johnny Angel Shelley Fabares 11 1962 51
Heís A Rebel The Crystals 12 1962 2
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Neil Sedaka 13 1962 53
Monster Mash Bobby "Boris" Pickett 14 1962 54
Good Luck Charm Elvis Presley 15 1962 55
Sheila Tommy Roe 16 1962 56
Stranger On The Shore Mr. Acker Bilk 17 1962 57
The Stripper David Rose 18 1962 58
The Loco-Motion Little Eva 19 1962 59
Donít Break The Heart That Loves You Connie Francis 20 1962 60
Return To Sender Elvis Presley 21 1962 61
Limbo Rock Chubby Checker 22 1962 62
Mashed Potato Time Dee Dee Sharp 23 1962 63
Rambliní Rose Nat King Cole 24 1962 64
The Wah Watusi The Orlons 25 1962 65
Canít Help Falling In Love Elvis Presley 26 1962 66
The Wanderer Dion 27 1962 67
Midnight In Moscow Kenny Ball 28 1962 68
You Donít Know Me Ray Charles 29 1962 69
Only Love Can Break A Heart Gene Pitney 30 1962 70
Bobbyís Girl Marcie Blane 31 1962 71
Do You Love Me The Contours 32 1962 72
All Alone Am I Brenda Lee 33 1962 73
Palisades Park Freddy Cannon 34 1962 74
Sealed With A Kiss Brian Hyland 35 1962 75
Slow Twistiní Chubby Checker  (with Dee Dee Sharp) 36 1962 76
Norman Stre Thompson 37 1962 77
Green Onions Booker T. & The MGís 38 1962 78
It Keeps Right On A-Hurtiní Johnny Tillotsori 39 1962 79
I Know (You Donít Love Me No More) Barbara George 40 1962 80
Sugar Shack Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs 1 1963 81
Heís So Fine The Chiffons 2 1963 82
Dominique The Singing Nun 3 1963 83
Hey Paula Paul & Paula 4 1963 84
My Boyfriendís Back The Angels 5 1963 85
Blue Velvet Bobby Vinton 6 1963 86
Sukiyaki Kyu Sakamoto 7 1963 87
I Will Follow Him Little Peggy March 8 1963 88
Fingertips - Pt 2 little Stevie Wonder 9 1963 89
Walk Like A Man The 4 Seasons 10 1963 90
Go Away Little Girl Steve Lawrence 11 1963 91
Iím Leaving It Up To You Dale & Grace 12 1963 92
Surf City Jan & Dean 13 1963 93
Itís My Party Lesley Gore 14 1963 94
Walk Right In The Rooftop Singers 15 1963 95
Easier Said Than Done The Essex 16 1963 96
It You Wanna Be Happy Jimmy Soul 17 1963 97
So Much In Love The Tymes 18 1963 98
Deep Purple Nino Tempo & April Stevens 19 1963 99
Our Day Will Come Ruby & The Romantics 20 1963 100
Louie Loule The Kingsmen 21 1963 101
Canít Get Used To Losing You Andy Williams 22 1963 102
Ruby Baby Dion 23 1963 103
Be My Baby The Ronettes 24 1963 104
Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh!  (A Letter From Camp) Allan Shcrmari 25 1963 105
Sally, Go ĎRound The Roses The Jaynetts 26 1963 106
Blowiní In The Wind Peter, Paul & Mary 27 1963 107
Washington Square The Village Stompers 28 1963 108
Wipe Out The Surfaris 29 1963 109
The End Of The World Skeeter Davis 30 1963 110
Puff (The Magic Dragon) Peter, Paul & Mary 31 1963 111
If I Had A Hammer Trini Lopez 32 1963 112
Youíre The Reason Iím Living Bobby Darin 33 1963 113
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes Bobby Vee 34 1963 114
Everybody Tommy Roe 35 1963 115
(Youíre the) Devil In Disguise Elvis Presley 36 1963 116
Hello Stranger Barbara Lewis 37 1963 117
Rhythm Of The Rain The Cascades 38 1963 118
Surfiní U.S.A. Beach Boys 39 1963 119
I Love You Because Al Martino 40 1963 120
I Want To Hold Your Hand The Beatles 1 1964 121
Canít Buy Me Love The Beatles 2 1964 122
Thereí Iíve Said it Again Bobby Vinton 3 1964 123
Baby Love The Supremes 4 1964 124
Oh, Pretty Woman Roy Orbison 5 1964 125
The House Of The Rising Sun The Animals 6 1964 126
Chapel Of Love The Dixie Cups 7 1964 127
I Feel Fine The Beatles 8 1964 128
She Loves You The Beatles 9 1964 129
I Get Around The Beach Boys 10 1964 130
Come See About Me The Supremes 11 1964 131
Where Did Our Love Go The Supremes 12 1964 132
Do Wah Diddy Diddy Manfred Mann 13 1964 133
My Guy Mary Wells 14 1964 134
A Hard Dayís Night The Beatles 15 1964 135
Rag Doll The 4 Seasons 16 1964 136
Hello, Dolly! Louis Armstrong 17 1964 137
Mr. Lonely Bobby Vinton 18 1964 138
Everybody Loves Somebody Dean Martin 19 1964 139
A World Without Love Peter & Gordon 20 1964 140
Ringo Lorne Greene 21 1964 141
Love Me Do The Beatles 22 1964 142
Leader Of The Pack The Shangri-Las 23 1964 143
Twist And Shout The Beatles 24 1964 144
You Donít Own Me Lesley Gore 25 1964 145
Dancing In The Street Martha & The Vandellas 26 1964 146
Bread And Butter The Newbeats 27 1964 147
Memphis Johnny Rivers 28 1964 148
Last Kiss J. Frank Wilson & The Cav~ 29 1964 149
Sheís Not There The Zombies 30 1964 150
My Boy Lollipop Millie Small 31 1964 151
Do You Want To Know A Secret The Beatles 32 1964 152
Dawn (Go Away) The Four Seasons 33 1964 153
Suspicion Terry Stafford 34 1964 154
Please Please Me The Beatles 35 1964 155
Popsicles And Icicles The Murmaids 36 1964 156
Out Of Limits The Marketts 37 1964 157
Come A Little Bit Closer Jay & The Americans 38 1964 158
Love Me With All Your Heart  (Cuando Calienta El Sol) Ray Charles Singers 39 1964 159
The Little Old Lady (From Pasadena) Jan & Dean 40 1964 160
(I Canít Get No) Satisfaction The Rolling Stones 1 1965 161
Yesterday The Beatles 2 1965 162
Turn! Turn! Turn!  (To Everything There Is A Season) The Byrds 3 1965 163
Mrs. Brown Youíve Got A Lovely Daughter Hermanís Hermits 4 1965 164
I Got You Babe Sonny & Cher 5 1965 165
Helpí The Beatles 6 1965 166
I Canít Help Myself Four Tops 7 1965 167
Youíve Lost That Loviní Feeliní The Righteous Brothers 8 1965 168
Downtown Petula Clark 9 1965 169
This Diamond Ring Gary Lewis & The Playboys 10 1965 170
Stop! In The Name Of Love The Supremes 11 1965 171
Help Me, Rhonda The Beach Boys 12 1965 172
Get Oft Of My Cloud The Rolling Stones 13 1965 173
I Hear A Symphony The Supremes 14 1965 174
Iím Telling You Now Freddie & The Dreamers 15 1965 175
Eight Days A Week The Beatles 16 1965 176
My Girl The Temptations 17 1965 177
Hang On Sloopy The McCoys 18 1965 178
Mr. Tambourine Man The Byrds 19 1965 179
Eve Of Destruction Barry McGuire 20 1965 180
Over And Over Thc Davo Clark Five 21 1965 181
Ticket To Ride The Beatles 22 1965 182
Iím Henry VIII, I Am Hermanís Hermits 23 1965 183
Game Of Love Wayne Fontanal Mindbenders 24 1965 184
Back In My Arms Again The Supremes 25 1965 185
A Loverís Concerto The Toys 26 1965 186
Wooly Bully Saiii The Sham & The Pharaohs 27 1965 187
Canít You Hear My Heartbeat Hermanís Hermits 28 1965 188
Like A Rolling Stone Bob Dylan 29 1965 189
Treat Her Right Roy Head & The Traits 30 1965 190
Count Me In Gary Lewis & The Playboys 31 1965 191
1-2-3 Len Barry 32 1965 192
Save Your Heart For Me Gary Lewis & Tho Playboys 33 1965 193
I Got You (I Feel Good) James Brown 34 1965 194
The Birds And The Bees Jewel Akens 35 1965 195
Love Potion Number Nine The Searchers 36 1965 196
The Name Game Shirley Ellis 37 1965 197
Whatís New Pussycat7 Tom Jones 38 1965 198
California Girls The Beach Boys 39 1965 199
Letís Hang Oní The 4 Seasons 40 1965 200

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