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MONTICELLO forty65 goes to press (January 2006)!

Sample pages from the "forty65" set up for review before being cut.

Angier Brock Caudle, Editor-in-Chief, goes over pages with David Patrick, pressman, of Colonial Printing

Keep the presses rolling!

Classmates Donald Hill (left) and Angier Brock Caudle go over the printing process with Jim Sherman (right), one of the two Colonial Printing pressmen who printed the MONTICELLO forty65.

Donald Hill (left) and Colonial Printing's Dean Stover, Customer Service Representative, review some pages.

Over 330 Memories Packages getting "stuffed" on Saturday morning (2/4/06) by Reunion Committee members from L to R:

Betty Cox Thompson, Larry Bernstein, Janie Huske Satterfield, John Jay Schwartz, Marilyn Lipsitz Flax, Joe Segal

Not Pictured: Pat Sturman Sanders, Donald Hill, and Charles Douglass