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Old Photos from classmates who served our country may be found below the following "forty65" pages.

Classmates who served our country - from "Monticello forty65"

Old Photos from classmates who served our country

John Schwartz

Charles Davidson

Steve Green - Military Police School, Fort Gordon (Augusta) GA.  Circa February 1970

Tom Massey - on board the USS Midway many years ago. In fact, I arrived on board just as the Vietnam evacuation was taking place. Yes that is me seated in the middle among the legal office crew.  And that is a hang manís noose one petty officer thought would be funny!!

November 2022
"I was proud to serve for five years in the USN
JAGC Corps as a lawyer in the Navy. 
I also served on the USS Midway at the very end of the Vietnam war. An amazing experience!"

Chuck Cole - U.S. Army

Joe Segal


Phil Koslow - 30th Army Band, Munich, Germany 1967

Rodney Poole

USMCR 1969-1975

David Witt

November 2022
"Drafted into the Army in August 1969. Stationed in GA, TX and CA -- thankfully, managed to avoid going overseas. Discharged in May 1971. 
I opposed the war, but I'm proud to have served, and I honor all those who did!"

Bill Clarke

November 2022
"Like so many people in the 70ís I was in the reserves for 6 years. Served as a parachute rigger for 2 years in the Army reserves in Hampton and 4 years in the Air National Guard at Byrd Field."