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Music News Alert!

(May 15, 2006)

From your DJ of the Class of 1965, I have gotten 10’s of thousands of letters wanting to know what I’ve been doing since the reunion…. well ok, not 10’s of thousands, more like 100’s of letters…well you got me again. 10’s of letters have poured in. Ok, ok, it was more like one and it was addressed to “Occupant”, but it came to my address so let’s not deal with the little things like truth. This is show biz, baby!

It is now final (that means the check cleared the bank). I, your humble DJ for the Class of 1965 has been hired to spin the records for the Class of 1966 Reunion party, which is being held almost a year from ours at the Westwood Club. It’s Déjà vu all over again!

Please note the music alert has been raised from “Kool “ to “Real Gone”.