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forty65, vol. i, no. 20 - 2 october 2005
























 more news from texas

Susie Johnston Sellner (Kingwood, TX) and her husband John considered evacuating to Austin to stay with friends during Hurricane Rita, but because of clogged roads, they stayed put, boarding up windows on three sides of their home. Susie writes that after the storm, “in order to allow people to return home in a staggered fashion, avoiding the gridlock of the mass exodus, and in order to allow families to clean up before being required to be back at work, all the area school districts delayed the opening of schools…. Who would have thought that I'd be trading the snow days of Virginia for the hurricane days of Texas ?”

the virginia state fair

Jimmy Gregory ( Virginia Beach ): My favorite memory of the state fair was the hoochie koochie show. Later in life I associated the fair with the time to plant and fertilize grass. When I noticed the fair was in town I knew it was time to tend to the yard.

Pat Sturman Sanders ( Richmond ): My senior year in High School I went to the State Fair with my parents. My dad had a booth set up in one of buildings selling Florida property. I walked around the fair by myself and ran into Buddy Nixon. I asked him to go with me to see my dad in the exhibition building where my dad was set up. The building was closed and locked up. I had the bright idea to break into the building. I lifted the door with the chain on it and proceeded to crawl in. The security guard grabbed Buddy and me and dragged us to the police station of the fair. I was pleading for my release, saying, “I was looking for my daddy!" The security guard was very old and



didn't believe us. He thought we were trying to steal a car. When we got to the police station, they announced my name over the loud speaker of the fairgrounds. My parents showed up wondering what I had done. The police let us go, and I gave Buddy Nixon a ride home. He probably wishes he had never run into me….

tobacco bowl

Joe Segal ( Richmond ) writes: Now that you mention it, I do remember going to the parades and climbing up onto one of the roofs at Boulevard and Broad, on the northeast side of the street, just to get the best vantage point. I also remember the Tobacco Bowl football game in 1965, where Virginia beat previously unbeaten West Virginia (I believe) by a score of 41-0. I was sitting in the stands with a broken nose suffered the day before in Charlottesville playing IM touch football. (I got "touched.”)

faculty attending our reunion

We have invited a number of our former teachers to attend the reunion. Miss Ellett (Chemistry) and Miss Coleman (English) will be at the Sunday brunch at the Westwood Club. We’ll keep you posted about others as well.  

let us know what you remember about

  • dances at Tillie’s, Up n’ Away Dude Ranch, Tantilla Ballroom,
  • drive-in movies,
  • favorite places to go for dinner,
  • anything else that was fun to do on a date.

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