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forty65, vol. i, no. 15 - 29 august 2005
























The countdown is on – two months from today! There is now a link on our website where you can see who has registered. If your name isn’t there, be sure to get it added soon.

And remember, the reunion is, by design, an entire weekend – not just a one-night stand! Many of us have not seen each other for 20, 30, or even 40 years. Having a chance to gather several times over two or three days will let us refresh our memories gently and give us time to mix and mingle so that we don’t have to rush through conversations or try to say everything to everyone all at once!

baseball follies

Stanley Katz (Richmond) writes: “When I was the manager of the baseball team in 1965, Coach "Spud" Bloxom asked Bruce Nordin and I to water the field for about two hours before we left practice to go home. We did. Well the next day when we came to school we noticed that there was quite a bit of water on Malvern Avenue ! We also noticed the baseball field was all mud and water. Lucky for us there was no game this day. Needless to say Coach Bloxom wasn't very happy with us!”

current news

Nancy Grey Chandler Stetson (GA): I married my college sweetheart Mark





(it was a blind date arranged by Sandy Miller and others at Mary Washington College ) 36 years ago this September.  We've been in the Atlanta area about 15 years now, via 3 years in the Army, 16 years in northern Virginia , and 2 years in Chicago

responses to previous newsletters

Bruce Roberts (TN), responding to Bob Blinn’s questions last week, says that it was Bill Black from Baltimore, and probably Mr. Hammock’s class. Bruce also promises to register soon.

And Judie Reed (NC), responding to Linda “Mopsy” Morris’s comments a few weeks back, writes: “Oh, too funny & true! Talk about feeling ‘unsure ’-- I'm at Nags Head with family -- no tan to speak of, mastectomy swimsuit, a few pounds more than I need. And the beach is full of scantily clad females, gorgeous tans, beautiful hair falling all over their shoulders, real boobs falling from their band-aid suits. Was I ever so young and gorgeous? We will surely need name tags this reunion, for the last twenty years have put a kink in all of us one way or another. No one is alone in feeling insecure. But what fun we'll have!!”

And speaking of fun, Rita Barrett Jones (Class of 1966), who is married to our classmate Buddy Jones ( Richmond ) sends this “cool walk into the past” link to enjoy:

Check it out – and if it stirs up any memories, be sure to let us know.

Meanwhile: What are some questions you would like classmates to respond to? Let us know that (and your own answers to them), too. Please remember to include your name and email address.

And don’t forget to register soon!