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forty65, vol. i, no. 13 - 15 august 2005
























music forty years ago

According to The Billboard Book of Number 1 Hits, the top two records forty years ago this week were “I Got You Babe” and “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.” If the mention of either of those songs reminds you of someone you knew or something you did that summer, then you are ready for this reunion weekend! And if neither one evokes any old memories, then you need this reunion weekend to make new memories.  Either way, please register soon!

homeroom - it keeps coming up!

Judy Glaser Markowitz ( Richmond ) writes: “I sat for my Real Estate exam in 1986. Amazingly, the exam was given at TJ, and I was assigned to my homeroom 203. I kept visualizing Mrs. Broaddus, my homeroom teacher! Passing the exam was just short of a miracle because of the many memories that were in my head that day!”

more recent news

Markus Barth has been involved in political fundraising for over 20 years and currently serves on two state commissions, appointed by the Governor of New Jersey. He attended both parties’ political conventions in 2000 and 2004, and was in the NJ delegation in the Staples Center when Joe Lieberman was nominated by the Democrats to run for Vice President – an especially significant moment, he points out, because “Sen. Lieberman is the first Jewish American to achieve this in the same city that 45 years before had nominated Jack Kennedy as the first Catholic to run for President.”

Nancy Coleman Grubbs ( Richmond ) married her high school sweetheart Ron (Class of


1966). She writes, “I worked through RPI, the American Banking Institute, and many Dale Carnegie classes and became a VP in management and lending. I retired in 1991. Since then I have devoted my time to West-

minster Presbyterian Church, working with senior citizens as well as the teachers through Russell Flammia at TJ. Last year we placed Ron’s mother into Assisted Living, and next door to her lives Ms. Sue Beaman.  Every time I talk with her she comes up with a different name from TJ to question me about.”

let us know

We are still collecting memories, updates, photos, and anything that’s currently on your mind – for The Monticello forty65, for this newsletter, and for the website. It would be wonderful to have everyone represented in one or more of those publications. Please let us hear from YOU! (And you can write in more than once.) We’re still gathering memories of 

  • any of our classmates who have died. The memories could be from TJ days – or from before or after high school years. Or, if you attended a memorial service for any of them, is there something you could share from that?
  • classes, sports, clubs, other school or after-school activities – including non-sanctioned ones. Anyone know anything about flying kites on the roof of TJ?
  • the building itself. Anyone remember the alcove on the back hall of the third floor?  Or hanging out with Mr. Montgomery, the school custodian?

Anything from just a sentence or two to a page or two is just fine. Email