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forty65, vol. i, no. 8, 11 July 2005
























armed forces news

George Ross Scott ( Norfolk ) served in the Navy from 1965-1971. He was in Vietnam as a Quartermaster (navigator) aboard the USS Holder. He writes that he loved his Navy time and says that “it is why I am in the boat business today, working for Hatteras Yachts.”

Ronnie Reams (NC) spent time in Vietnam with the U.S. Army. His unit was twice called to Washington , DC , to help keep the peace when rioting broke out in the wake of the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Bobby Kennedy, in April and June of 1968.

Pat Rice (TN) was in the Marines from 1969-1974, and for part of that time saw action in Vietnam . 

Courtenay Welton ( Alexandria ) served in the U.S. Army from 1970-72 and was stationed in Germany . In 1996, his Army Reserve unit was activated and he was deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Bob Blinn ( Portsmouth ) enlisted in the Air Force. HIs first assignment was Crete . (Bob went to Robert E. Lee and Albert H. Hill, moved with his family to Miami for several years, and returned to Richmond for his senior year at TJ.)

David Witt ( Marshall , VA ) writes that he spent two years in the Army after college: “Yep, I was a Vietnam draftee, but managed to escape overseas duty….”    

a lucky class

As far we know, we were fortunate as a class not to have lost anyone in Vietnam . Thanks go to Ronnie Reams for researching that for us.                                                              



with a little help from our friends

Miriam Morsel Nathan (MD), painter, poet, and, until recently, Washington Jewish Film Festival director, is, to this day, grateful to Jennifer Hyman for getting her through algebra….


The theme for the Jr.-Sr. prom in the spring of 1964 was “Under Paris Skies!” and an article in The Jeffersonian promised a surprise named “ Pierre .” Anyone remember who or what Pierre was?

let us know

We continue to gather information for stories in The MONTICELLO forty65. Here are two specific ones you might be able to help with:

Lynne Rachal Chambers ( Richmond ) is eager to hear stories of those who, like her, have made mid-life career changes. Do you have a story to share? Are you finally doing that thing you always dreamed of doing, but put off for family or career – or because Life interfered? Please email her at

Mary Ellen Navas (CA and UT) is working on faculty stories. Do you have an experience – good, bad, or otherwise – that you could share? Or, by virtue of having been a neighbor or family friend, etc., do you have an “inside” story about any of our teachers? You can email Mary Ellen at

Also let us know…

  • Who helped you learn something (academic or not) when you were at TJ?
  • Where you were on 9/11?

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