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forty65, vol. 1, no. 4, 13 june 2005
























announcing the monticello forty65

We are delighted to announce plans for the monticello forty65, a commemorative book celebrating our class and its 40th Reunion . This 128-page book will look back at our TJ days – and also offer glimpses into some of the journeys we have taken since. It will include old and new photos, memories, short features, and reflections about how we see things now. It will be captivating, thought-provoking, colorful, and unique.

Here’s a brief introduction to the Editorial Board that’s working on it:

Beverly Glaspie Montsinger, our Marketing and Design Director, is currently Advertising Executive for Virginia Living, a beautiful statewide magazine that debuted in December, 2002. Her job, she says, “has taken me back to my roots at TJ where I sold advertising for the yearbook.” And now she returns to the Monticello staff!

Donald Hill, our Production Manager, has spent more than 30 years in the publishing world with Cadmus Specialty Publications, Inc. He married Forrest Anne Harris, a 1967 graduate of TJ; their youngest child Maggie graduated second in her TJ Class of 2002 – and was editor of that year’s Monticello .

Angier Brock Caudle will be Editor. A writer and writing teacher, she finds that most of us have writing horror stories. One of hers from TJ: a “truly awful sonnet” she knocked out (extra credit, English class) got published in The Declaration. She was so mortified that it was 20 years before she wrote poetry again.  

let us know

We are looking for graphic designers. Do any of you have the requisite skills, interest, and time? Let us know!

We have lined up some contributing writers and “idea people” – but need more of both.



Do you have thoughts or questions that might turn into articles, interviews, memories, or other short pieces? Would you do some fact-finding or writing for us? Let us know!

And let us know if you have photos we might use – from high school and our previous reunions as well from intervening years – especially ones taken since our last reunion. Photos can be color or B&W and should include one or more classmates. E-submissions are best (emailed or on a CD), but we’ll take hard copies, too, as long as they really are copies, not originals – we will not return them. Please identify who’s who, and give the date (approximate is okay) and place or occasion.  Send photos to Angie at 8601 Grand Summit Rd. , Richmond , VA 23235 , or email them to


Our deadlines are tight. We need your ideas right away, your photographs by July 15, and your writing (150-350 words, unless we discuss otherwise) by July 25. We cannot guarantee using everything we receive – but we will consider everything with great care. We may put some things on the class website – and we reserve the right to edit for space and other considerations.

ad team

Beverly has recruited a terrific sales team that is actively selling ads for this book. Ads are full-color or B&W: full page, $795; ½ page $395, ¼ page $195. As a “special” for classmates, there’s also a $20 business card ad option. If you or someone you know might want to buy an ad, let us know. Call Bev at (804) 873-2975 or email her: .

You’ll hear more as we go. Let us hear from you, too. In addition to email, you can use the forty65 link on the website. With your help the monticello forty65 is gonna rock!